* How to connect to the EvilCorp IRC server with Pidgin?

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to set it up with Pidgin, a great piece of open source software.

In IRC, chat rooms are termed as "channels". Channels are identified by the pound(#) symbol that can be found in front of the channel name, and an IRC server can host many such channels. In this tutorial we will join the #lobby channel on the "irc.evilcorp.ga" server.

1- Download and install Pidgin.

2- Create a new account in Pidgin.

1. Click on Accounts >> Manage

2. Click on Add. Fill in the details as given in the screenshot below. You can leave the password field blank for now.

3. Click on Proxy. Set the Type into Tor/Privacy (SOCKS5), then fill the details as given in the screenshot below, then click Add/Save. (The port might vary for some users)

3- The account should automatically connect. If not, click on Accounts -> (your username)@irc.evilcorp.ga -> Enable.

4- Time to join the lobby! Go to Buddies -> Join a chat in the Pidgin menu.

1. Select your IRC account from the drop down.

2. To join the #lobby channel, fill in #lobby in the Channel textbox.

3. Leave the password blank because it is an open channel, then click Join.

4. Voila! You are now in the #lobby. Enjoy your chats!

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