* How to register my account to the EvilCorp IRC server with Pidgin?

This tutorial shows you how easy register your account with Pidgin. Your screen name is called your "nick"/"nickname" on IRC. Some chat rooms can only be joined by those who have registered their nicks with the server. This is to prevent identity theft, because registered nicks are password protected.

1- Connect to your account.

2- Type /msg NickServ register (password) (fake@email.com) [Replace (password) with your actual password, and replace (fake@email.com) with a random and non-existent e-mail address.]

3- After this, to log in to your nick, send /msg NickServ identify (password)

4- To avoid manually logging in each time using the identify command you can specify the password in the Accounts dialog as in the screen shot in the previous tutorial.

5- Voila! You are now registered. Enjoy your chats!

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