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IRC Connection Information:

* IRC Servers:

* IRC Ports: 6667 (Default), 6697 (SSL)

* IRC server certificate:

==== SHA-1 Fingerprint: AB:71:C5:F4:C1:C6:27:3F:B8:69:46:1D:A4:B2:3B:A6:E4:B1:03:BA

==== SHA-256 Fingerprint: 22:C4:48:7A:D7:DF:A0:24:0F:06:EE:13:44:6A:2C:6C:5C:CD:59:FC:2A:5F:5B:49:8A:9B:D1:1E:19:B1:96:F3

==== MD5 Fingerprint: C0:86:B7:75:4C:2C:BC:18:F0:8C:EA:EC:E3:20:26:E1

==== Issuer: CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3,O=Let's Encrypt,C=US

==== Activation: Wed Dec 19 17:32:07 2018

==== Expires on: Tue Mar 19 17:32:07 2019


* How to connect to the EvilCorp IRC server with Pidgin?

* How to register my account to the EvilCorp IRC server with Pidgin?

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Updated on January 11, 2019