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1. Disclaimer

All content contained in EvilCorp is edited, checked and verified. However, we can't guarantee the accuracy or safety of any external links it may contain. EvilCorp, its owners, users, and contributors are not held responsible for any problems that occur as a result of making use of the materials contained on our site.

2. Privacy

Traffic is not logged or monitored in this website, however the EvilCorp IRC collects and uses: your nickname, the last time it was used, hostname of the account, name and E-mail address, and the IRC channels linked to the nickname. These informations are not shared to a third party and will never be public without your consent.

3. Uses

EvilCorp hosts various communication platforms and can be found on Discord, Telegram and IRC. Users are not allowed to: distribute illegal links, send malicious messages, post commercial advertisements, DDoS the servers, harass our users or exploit our services.

4. Copyright

All of the content presented in this site is, unless stated otherwise, subject to a copytight held by EvilCorp. It is acceptable to link content from this site as long as the original source is clearly stated, but the commercial reproduction or partial modification of content is illegal. Exceptions are granted if you receive consent from EvilCorp.

5. Contacts

If you have any further questions about the Terms of Service, or if you encounter difficulties while using the website, please contact our IRC operators, moderators or the owner: riverdusty@protonmail.com

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Updated on January 2, 2019